PUBG is going 'beyond battle royale' with a new story-focused game

June 26, 2019 1 min read

PUBGis branching out with a new "original narrative experience" set in the same universe, and while that game concept might not immediately speak to you, the people involved should raise an eyebrow. PUBG Corporation has tapped Glen Schofield best known for the originalDead Spaceand his work on Call of Dutyat Sledgehammer Games to lead development at a new studio, Striking Distance.

"Throughout my career, I've had a lot of opportunities to make some remarkable games that tell incredible stories, and each of them has meant something special to me," said Schofield. "As a creative, the freedom to explore the PUBG universe has me excited about the possibilities, which I view as beyond the battle royale genre." On Twitter, he elaborated that this isn't going to be a sequel.

Striking Distance will be based out of San Ramon, CA, and the studio is currently hiring.

Creating something fresh that speaks to the elements people like about PUBGwhile also leaning heavily into a narrative is going to be quite the creative feat. There are so many unknowns here.

If PUBG Corporation had announced this project without any names attached, I'd be even more skeptical. As it stands, the gig sounds challenging, but Schofield has a fairly consistent track record.

PUBG is going 'beyond battle royale' with a new story-focused game screenshot