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Put your NFL team on your Xbox One controller for $95

November 02, 2017 1 min read

Statistically speaking, your favorite football team probably sucks. In a season overwashed by mediocrity, there is no team without a glaring fatal flaw. Maybe, maybe, the Eagles are the exception, but Philly fans know better than to let their hopes get too high.

Now you have the opportunity to put your under-performing team on your Xbox One controller. Xbox Design Lab has a new customization option where all 32 NFL team logos are available on top of a sterile white controller. They look pretty okay!

The problem is the price. Xbox Design Lab controllers already start at $80; these run $95, albeit with a free engraving. Anyone looking to spring for rubberized grips is going to push that over $100. No part of the NFL fan experience is cheap. (Imagine being so sad that you paid $100 to put a Cleveland Browns helmet on your controller.)

Anyway, here's what my controller would look like if I were going to buy one.

Put your NFL team on your Xbox One controller for $95 screenshot