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Puzzle Depot shows that pushing blocks can still be fun

August 05, 2018 1 min read

In my youth, I used to play all kinds of crazy games on my uncle’s Mac. Most of these titles are lost to the annals of gaming history, but I do have a distinct memory of checking out Chip’s Challenge. I loved how quirky the graphics and soundtrack were, but it took me until the recent re-release of the title (and it’s long overdue sequel) to understand the real appeal of that game. I love pushing blocks and navigating weird mazes.

As I was perusing the floor of RTX’s “Indie Alley,” I happened to notice a game that looked suspiciously like Chip’s Challenge. Called Puzzle Depot, the game takes the basic premise of moving blocks and mixes it with a dash of post-apocalyptic flair. This is like if Chip’s Challenge had lived through a nuclear meltdown and was forced to continue pushing blocks long after he should have perished.

Each level works on a multiple room basis. You’ll start at a seemingly random location on a grid and need to work your way around to find the eventual exit. Much like Chip’s Challenge, you’ll be acquiring key cards, protective boots and even some weapons to help you deal with the obstacles ahead. The key difference is that Puzzle Depot is more focused on telling a bit of a story to go with its mind benders.

Puzzle Depot shows that pushing blocks can still be fun screenshot