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Rainbow Six FINALLY in chibi form

August 04, 2017 1 min read

Great news for gamers everywhere today, as it's confirmed that Rainbow Six: Siege is definitely getting that range of chibi figurines we were all waiting on.

The "SIX Collection" consists of five figures. Each of the cute lil' guys and gals, standing roughly four inches tall, is based on an operative from Ubisoft's door-kicking shooter. Each character comes equipped with a code that can be used to unlock a corresponding in-game item. The figures cost an eyebrow-raising £18 each.

Ok, I might've been taking the piss a little but, joking aside, that Ash figure is lit. I like IQ too, she looks like she was a Splatoon character who traded in paintin' colours for paintin' brains.

Ash, IQ, Montagne and Smoke will be available for sale October 3 from the European Ubisoft store. They can also be purchased from Gamescom later this month. The fifth figure, Boba FettTachanka, is a Ubisoft store exclusive.

SIX Collection pre-order [Ubisoft Store]

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