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Rainbow Six Siege's various editions get revamped for Year 4

February 12, 2019 1 min read

Whenever a Ubisoft title launches, it's become a tradition to need a chart to figure out which version includes what content. Rainbow Six Siege launched with only two editions but has now ballooned out into multiple versions with different season passes and extra content. Not making things easy, Ubisoft has announced that the launch of the tactical shooter's "Year 4" will include some revisions to the different versions, making it even more convoluted to figure out.

Gamers everywhere can look forward to sifting through the "Siege Edition," "Deluxe Edition," "Gold Edition," and "Ultimate Edition" starting today. That first version will include the base game and all of the original operators for $19.99. This version is exclusive to PC and will be replacing the "Starter Edition".

The Deluxe version comes with the main game and the "Year 1" pass for $29.99 on PC and $39.99 on consoles. The Gold edition contains both "Year 1" and "Year 4" passes (which is odd) for $59.99 on PC and $69.99 on consoles. Finally, the Ultimate bundle contains everything for $99.99 on PC or $109.99 on consoles. As a reminder, you can unlock all of the operators in-game through various forms of grinding, though it is obviously much faster to pay for them.

Currently, season four is not yet available. You'll basically be buying a pre-order for whatever operators Ubisoft has cooking. The full reveal for the newest season will happen on February 17 during the "Six Invitational 2019" in Montreal at 1:30 pm EST.

Rainbow Six Siege's various editions get revamped for Year 4 screenshot