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Read-Only Memories: Animal Crossing

May 18, 2018 2 min read

[While Mother's Day has come and gone, it's never too late to recall childhood-defining moments regarding the person that so fitfully heaved us into this world. Our new friend Adzuken weaves a beautiful tapestry of how gaming with her mother has left a lasting impact that she still recalls fondly to this day. Wanna see your work featured by Destructoid? Spin us a tale of how your life has been forever altered by this wonderful hobby of ours. - Wes]

Lost in the mists of gaming trivia is the useless fact that Animal Crossing and Star Fox Adventures were released for GameCube a week apart in 2002: September 15 and 23, respectively. I don't recall what day it was that I found myself in that Zellers, playing the demo kiosk for Star Fox Adventures. I was a young teen at the time, so release dates didn't carry the same weight as they do for me today -- when I could acquire games was more dependent on my parent's generosity. My mother was feeling generous that day, so I was allowed to bring home one game.

I'd long been a hardcore fan of Star Fox, dating back to my youth on the Super Nintendo, so when I asked for Animal Crossing, it elicited a surprised response. It's true that I had an interest in both games, but I had been eagerly tracking Animal Crossing since back when it was an anticipated N64 game called Animal Forest (a more literal translation of its Japanese title Doubutsu no Mori). The N64 version would never see a localized release, but it was polished up, expanded, and released on the GameCube.

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