Red Faction: Guerrilla on Switch is a decent enough port

July 01, 2019 1 min read

There aren't a tremendous amount of open-world experiences on Switch. While Breath of the Wild came right out of the gate with a massive map for players to explore, it seems developers have been a little hesitant with porting over gigantic worlds to Nintendo's hybrid console. A lot of that probably has to do with how relatively meager the power of the device is, but there's also the issue of performance to consider. Switch is a mobile device, after all, and the hardware doesn't lend itself well to rendering huge maps.

Despite that, most open-world games on Switch are decent enough. THQ Nordic's Saints Row: The Third, though, is far from acceptable. Performing worse than its last-generation counterparts, this was a title that made you question how it got past the QA phase. Players were expected to be happy that the game was even on Switch despite running with framerates in the teens.

So while the initial announcement of it and Red Faction: Guerrilla coming to the Switch was a joyous one, it became a scary prospect after Saints Row's failure. Having now played this Switch port for roughly six hours, I can at least say that Guerrilla is much better than Saints Row. This clearly isn't the ideal way to play Volition's open-world destructathon, but it's also acceptable enough to tide you over until some performance patches arrive.

Red Faction: Guerrilla on Switch is a decent enough port screenshot