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Remedy's Control takes place in one really weird house

December 20, 2018 1 min read

The Federal Bureau of Control picked a real doozy for its headquarters. This bizarre building, dubbed The Oldest House, is home to all sorts of oddities and phenomenons. "Phenomenon" is a politely vague descriptor for the fucked-up monster people who float down the hallway bent over at the back.

Remedy's Control takes place almost entirely within this hostile headquarters, and this new trailer deals some mysterious exposition on what to expect. Thresholds are rooms within The Oldest House where other dimensions leak through. As the narrator explains, this whole place is an unstable labyrinth that breaks the laws of our reality.

Predictably, this trailer raises more questions than answers. That'll be the formula up until its 2019 release. But, we got a few concrete details about Control when we talked to Remedy at E3. Give this a looksee if you're confused as to what Control is.

Remedy's Control takes place in one really weird house screenshot