Remember the Year of Luigi? Well it's month form

October 04, 2019 1 min read

All the way back in 2013 Nintendo held a really fun, really oddball event for one of gaming's biggest oddballs: Luigi.

It was quite simply called "The Year of Luigi" and soared above mere meme status, as Nintendo actually gave us a ton of Luigi-centric games (most of them are good) like New Super Luigi U, Dr. Luigi, and Luigi Bros. remixes. They even extended the festivities through 2014! In all, it ran from January 1, 2013 through March 18, 2014.

Previously known as the "SuperMario_UK" account, the description has morphed into "Welcome to Super Luigi’s official UK & Ireland Twitter," and Luigi has taken over. It's not quite "Year of Luigi" stakes antics, but the account is celebrating the character with retrospectives of sorts, as well as looks back on the "Year" event itself and Luigi facts.

Enough time has passed where Nintendo could feasibly do a "Year of" for another iconic character and not have it look desperate. Hopefully we get a typically unloved stable member next, like Fox or Samus.

Super Luigi UK [Twitter]

Remember the Year of Luigi? Well it's month form screenshot