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Remote explosives and bad llamas are coming to Fortnite

March 15, 2018 1 min read

Epic Games has been handling Fortnite's Battle Royale component very well over the past few months. They're quick to fix things from game-breaking issues to small balance adjustments, and are steadily adding more cosmetic content and meaningful updates to the game.

That includes V3.3, which focuses on remote explosives (a classic shooter equipment piece), as well as the treasure chest-esque supply llamas (which are loot boxes in the nearly forgotten horde component of Fortnite). The former are going to be rare items located in supply drops, llamas, treasure chests, or in the floor, stack in groups of four, and have a maximum item limit of 10.

Other small changes include the No Scope Hunting Rifle changing to Hunting Rifle, and a new limited time mode on March 19 -- Blitz -- which features "much shorter" storm times (read: players will have to avoid a giant ring of death around the map quicker). All loot delivery systems are also boosted in Blitz, making it a super-charged, likely even quicker to complete mode than normal round-to-round gameplay.

V3.3 [Epic Games]

Remote explosives and bad llamas are coming to Fortnite screenshot