Review: 1bitHeart

October 08, 2017 1 min read

1bitHeart is a visual novel that was originally released for free by a mysterious individual known as Miwashiba (aka ○□×). There isn’t much known about them outside of their work as an illustrator and game developer. Nobody knows who they are. Maybe we never will. All anyone can really judge them by is the body of work that they’ve presented, and that’s a little refreshing in this day and age. Their games Alicemare and LiEat have both garnered positive reviews on Steam, but I haven’t yet dived that far into their catalogue. The one game I have played, 1bitHeart, is surprisingly good though. 

The story revolves around a boy named Nanashi who is basically just your average socially-inept, teenage shut-in who doesn’t even bother going to school anymore. He not only has trouble forming relationships but keeping them as well. Then one day he goes to his room and finds an adorable, blue-haired, amnesiac woman who insists that he goes out into the world and make some damn friends. Seriously, that is pretty much the premise that starts everything. That is the one major overarching theme here. Don’t be a loser. Go make friends. It, against all odds, works pretty well too.

Review: 1bitHeart screenshot