Review: A Total War Saga: Troy

August 21, 2020 1 min read

It took some time (about a hundred turns, give or take), but the mighty walls of Troy finally fell. Embarrassingly, they didn't fall by the hand of mighty Achilles and his giants (he got some giants on an island after convincing its king to join his faction), or the siege towers the other Greeks were working on. Instead, Troy's walls succumbed to the ire of the god Poseidon, crumbling from a devastating earthquake. 

After that, poor Paris -- the bloodied victor of a power struggle with his brother Hector over the throne of Troy -- was ground up under the wheels of Achilles' war chariot as the Greek armies under Achilles poured through the gaps torn by the quake. All that was left to do to claim the jewel of the Mediterranean was to stand on the control point for a couple of minutes while the flag changed hands. 

Review: A Total War Saga: Troy screenshot