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Review: Absolver

August 29, 2017 1 min read

Absolver is full of crumbling buildings and eager combatants. There's little in its world that speaks of hope. Any sign of progress, of rebuilding and moving forward, is buried under the rubble of a society that's already forgotten. The only escape is through combat. Would-be warriors begin humbly as Prospects, keen to embark on the journey towards martial arts expertise. It's a difficult path to walk, but the reward -- the title of Absolver -- is all that anyone has to make sense of the world.

Defining Absolver is hard. It's a combat-oriented game that blends robust and fluid melee strikes with online multiplayer interactions. But it's neither massive nor sweeping as its multiplayer elements might imply. Absolver is modest by design. Its focus lies in combat encounters rather than the large, listless scope of a huge, persistent online experience. 

Review: Absolver screenshot