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Review: Akiba's Beat

May 16, 2017 1 min read

My honeymoon period for reviewing games just ended. After two short games, one great and the other average, I now know the horror of slogging through a soulless role-playing game. While constantly longing to play other games like Breath of the Wild or Persona 5, I had to slave away at Akiba's Beat the last couple of weeks.

Successor to Akiba's Trip, but officially unrelated, Akiba's Beatis shallow due to an obviously tight budget and lack of self-identity. Gone are the elements of stripping, dressing up, fighting in the streets, romancing, advanced techniques, and even weapons. Akiba's Beat is basically Akiba's Trip with all the things that made the previous game addicting replaced with blander alternatives. It also kept the bland bits of Trip, unfortunately.

Review: Akiba's Beat screenshot