Review: Amid Evil

June 20, 2019 1 min read

With the release of DUSK last year, publisher New Blood Interactive cemented its status as retro FPS gods. Living up to the hype completely, the classicly inspired shooter recreated an era of gaming that many thought was lost. In a way, you could call New Blood the modern day old-school ID Software, what with its understanding of how to craft a sufficiently classic, meaty FPS campaign.

Amid Evil, another retro FPS game inspired by the likes of Heretic and HeXen, proves that DUSK wasn't a fluke. Amid Evil is chaotic, beautiful, and fiendishly clever. It has the same understanding for its source material as DUSK did and manages to sidestep most of the issues that classic FPS games were plagued with.

While not quite as good as DUSK, it's hard to be harsh on Amid Evil.

Review: Amid Evil screenshot