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Review: Annihilation

February 23, 2018 1 min read

Annihilation is one of the best recent print to film adaptations. Strangely enough, this is not because it’s entirely faithful to the source material. Far from it. Sure, the bones might be same, as they are between any two human beings, but they’re still two very different people through their flesh and their minds. Yet, in spite of that, this is a wonderful adaptation. Director Alex Garland holds tight to his success from Ex Machina and builds further momentum with Annihilation. He forgoes material (a lot of it) that’s cerebral in a way not meant for action, science fiction, or horror films, and embraces and enhances other material that strengthens what’s left.

"So what is left," interested readers of Jeff VanderMeer’s Southern Reach Trilogy might ask. Concentrate. One hundred-forty proof concentrate delivered in (near) hyperrealism. Garland takes those bones and throws meat on in proportions. With a cast diluted down to the bare necessities, but packed with acting chops any director worth their monogrammed chair would envy, Annihilationworks on nearly every level, delivering a mysterious and riveting experience that should shake you at least once, if not again.

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