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Review: Attentat 1942

January 08, 2018 1 min read

World War II is a staple in the gaming community. For years all we had were Nazis to shoot because it is harder to find a more universal evil than Nazis. Unfortunately, since most of those games were shooters the stories amounted to little more than to move you from battle to battle so that you had more Nazis to shoot at. Games that eschewed the shooting and instead dove into the human story of World War II are few and far between, so when one of the community members here sent me the Steam page for Attentat 1942, my first thought was that it was about damn time someone did this.

My real conundrum with writing this review is how does one even begin to handle a game about one of the most atrocious periods in modern human history? It's not like I can say this game is a barrel of laughs or a joy to play because it isn't. It is filled to the brim with the horrors of Nazi-occupied Europe, and while the personal stories are fictionalized, the gnawing reminder that these stories are based on countless real-life stories makes the game both uncomfortable and almost necessary to play.

Review: Attentat 1942 screenshot