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Review: Batman Ninja

April 25, 2018 1 min read

While the MCU has dominated theatres for the past decade, DC has been putting out a constant stream of animated movies. Most of their animated movies are adaptations of classic DC stories and if I'm being perfectly honest here, most of them range from being mediocre to outright bad. The problem usually lies in how the stories are adapted. By all accounts, it should be simple for a comic book to be turned into an animated movie, but the animation has usually been subpar, the stories have weird additions and subtractions, and they usually truncate the source material into a shadow of its former self. The fact that DC turned "All-Star Superman", one of the greatest superhero comics of all time, into what was essentially a three-part Superman: The Animated Series made-for-tv movie should be a crime against humanity. 

But hark, through the heavens late last year, trailers began to surface of a DC animated movie about Batman being a ninja. Some of you may roll your eyes, but the animation looked solid, it was directed by the creator of Afro Samurai, and featured an original Elseworlds story about Batman and a group of Gotham villains being sent back in time to feudal Japan. It looked interesting, and I couldn't wait to see it. 

Now that I've seen it, I can't stop gushing over it. Between Infinity War and this, this is a great week for superhero movies because my God is Batman Ninja a masterpiece of animation.

Review: Batman Ninja screenshot