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Review: Batman - The Enemy Within: What Ails You

January 21, 2018 1 min read

Despite getting off to a promising start, Season Two of Telltale Games' take on The Dark Knight has stumbled. With only five episodes to Tell said Tale, the story has become overbooked, with too many characters all jostling for screen-time in an effort to build an emotional connection with the player. This is not to mention the sporadic technical issues that have befallen the series, with hard crashes, animation freezes, and texture pop-in issues troubling some players in the past.

However, there are still two episodes of The Enemy Within remaining and, in its favour, some great work has been done in building the shaky relationship between not only Bruce Wayne and his smiley pal John Doe, but also between Bruce Wayne and his own conscience. Even with the series' plotting problems, and a few less-than-magnetic performances, Telltale still has time to pull all the narrative threads together to deliver a superb finale.

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