Review: Battlefield V

November 13, 2018 1 min read

Battlefield Visn't an across-the-board step up from Battlefield 1, but it nails the essentials. It's not just a good Battlefieldgame, it's a great one. For those folks who wrote DICE off early on, that might come as a surprise. For alpha and beta testers who got a feel for the heightened focus on squad dynamics and player-built fortifications, it's... also a surprise! I wasn't convinced they'd stick the landing.

The game doesn't fully launch until November 20, but there are a couple of ways to play Battlefield Vbefore then, such as EA's monthly subscription service Origin Access. I'm not used to these multi-week release schedules, but I'll need to acclimate soon. This stuff is only going to become more prevalent.

Review: Battlefield V screenshot