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Review: BenQ HT3050 3D Projector

June 07, 2017 1 min read

BenQ sent us a 3D DLP projector, and Oh my God, Becky it's huge. There's a giant booty on this thing: two massive speakers built right in the rear. The HT3050 is marketed as a color-calibrated wonder, offering an accurate "Rec 709" presets to enjoy Hollywood films as they were intended. This is a serious home theater machine, and I know that because it says so right there in the product initials. Also, it's blinged out in the front. The gold works, it looks good.

The HT3050 also threatens to have a "shorter throw" than others in its class while still being a full-blooded DLP cinema projector, which I'm going to take to task. There's an awkward rectangular room at my parent's house that makes a big screen TV look like a postage stamp, and after running this machine through its courses we were pleasantly surprised. My parents had never owned a digital projector and now they nag me to fire it up. My mom said "Vamos al cine gratis en la sala" which roughly translates to "This machine dulls the pain of not having grandchildren."

Review: BenQ HT3050 3D Projector screenshot