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Review: Cult of Chucky

October 04, 2017 1 min read

You may not know this, but Chucky, the red headed doll inhabited by a serial killer's soul thanks to some magic, had a bit of a comeback a few years ago with the straight to video release of Curse of Chucky. Believe it or not, after a string of really terrible Chucky films writer/director Don Mancini actually recaptured some of the magic that made his original trilogy somewhat creepy. He couched Chucky in a haunted house slasher, rampped up the quality kills, and delivered a screenplay that was less camp and more horror. Plus, he ditched most of the history of the series, basically rebooting the thing.

So I was actually a bit excited when Cult of Chucky was announced. I figured the franchise would continue on in its newer style, happily losing its continuity and fully embracing the fact that a chunk of the Chucky films sucked so we really don't want to revisit them in any way. What we want, I thought Mancini understood, was a creepy doll saying inappropriate things while killing people. One would think a request like that would be child's play, right?

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