Review: Damsel

October 23, 2018 1 min read

There's a little-known Australian exploitation flick called Thirst. Released way back in 1979, it stars Henry Silva as the head of a massive corporation that has made big business out of vampirism, kidnapping innocents, and siphoning their red stuff into drinks to keep the vamps of the world satiated. It literally turns vampirism into capitalism, as well as taking an obvious dig at the "bloodsuckers" of big business.

I have the feeling that Screwtape Studios, an up-and-coming indie outfit - also from Down Under - may also be fans of said schlock, as their new arcade shooter, Damsel, dallies around these exact same themes (and even has a similar logo). That's fine though, because I get a kick out of old exploitation movies, just like I get a kick out of Damsel.

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