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Review: Danger Zone

May 30, 2017 1 min read

Before computer technology advanced to the point that we could realistically render automobiles, racing games took on a much more simple approach to driving. You didn’t have to worry about clutching or shifting and most of the action involved simply flooring the gas pedal and turning in time with the track. Times have definitely changed, but Criterion Games recaptured a lot of that early arcade appeal with its Burnout series.

Since EA has basically let the series die, it has turned to Three Fields Entertainment to sort of resurrect the gameplay found in Burnout. Being led by a couple of the founders from Criterion Games, Three Fields has introduced the world to Danger Zone, a game about crashing cars and causing mayhem.

Does Danger Zone reclaim the crown, or has Three Fields crashed and burned before getting out of the gate?

Review: Danger Zone screenshot