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Review: Dangerous Driving

April 08, 2019 1 min read

For the past few years, Three Fields Entertainment has been doing its damnedest to resurrect the once proud Burnout series. Starting with Danger Zone in 2017, the team started small by recreating "Crash" mode and figuring out car physics. The sequel in 2018 expanded the scope of the environments to include outdoor locations and a lot more cars.

Now everything has come full circle with Dangerous Driving.Eschewing crash to focus on all the other modes from Burnout, Dangerous Driving harkens back to the closed circuit courses that made Criterion Games a household name. Face-off, Police Pursuit, Road Rage, and Eliminator, it's all here. This really does feel like the Burnout of old.

While a few technical issues hold it back from true greatness, any fan of EA's once glorious franchise should not pass this up.

Review: Dangerous Driving screenshot