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Review: Den of Thieves

January 19, 2018 1 min read

We all know January sucks for the most part in terms of movie releases. Studios are either pushing their Oscar hopefuls out wide or dumping the things they couldn't release the rest of the year. It's a rare case when a January movies are rarely something to get excited about, but January movies are something different from just bad movies. A January movie isn't just awful, it's lost. Often aimless and pointless, it finds its way into the only month that will accept it. Maybe it isn't even a "bad" movie, but just kind of has no point.

In that way Den of Thievescouldn't be a more January movie: a film that seems completely devoid of any point or true effort. It's a movie with famous people in it, but it's unclear why it exists at all. It makes no point and does nothing special. If a movie was ever to define January movies this would probably be it. 

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