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Review: Dragon Ball FighterZ

January 28, 2018 1 min read

Dragon Ball FighterZ was certainly met with a ton of fan adoration and hope as it presented a fighting game Dragon Ball fans had never expected to see: a competent one. Each one they were excited about in the past also held a major flaw. The Budokai series had flashy supers and not much else, Tenkaichi had a large roster but they all felt the same, and the recent Xenoverse fan favorites are only meant to fulfill the fantasy of being Goku's best friend. 

But as footage was shown, characters were added, Dragon Ball FighterZ had looked better and better. The lingering question, however, was if or when the proverbial other shoe would drop. What was going to be FighterZ's fatal flaw? Luckily, nothing like that happens here and what faults do lie in its package are nowhere near as damning as they could be. 

Review: Dragon Ball FighterZ screenshot