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Review: Dreams

February 14, 2020 1 min read

"How do you even review Dreams?"

It's a question I've asked, and been asked. Even now, as I try to stall so the right words might spill out of my subconscious and capture some of its playful magic, I'm grappling with possible answers. It's such a wide-ranging artistic experience. What we get out of it will drastically differ from person to person.

You might flex your creative muscles in animation, a discipline I'm convinced I'll never excel at, much less wrap my head around. I'm far more likely to stick with something in my comfort zone, like sculpting. Or I could wake up one day and decide "Hey, painting would be a pleasant change of pace." Your old buddy you never talk to anymore but always see online may very well be a secret music-making wizard.

The art-creating possibilities feel endless, but not in an overwhelming way. If there's one lesson Media Molecule wants us all to latch onto, it's that we're more capable than we give ourselves credit.

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