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Review: Elite Dangerous

July 05, 2017 1 min read

The other day my son came downstairs long after bedtime. He didn’t want a drink of water or another story; he heard me jumping into hyperspace and wanted to watch. At three he is already a space nut who can name every planet in our solar system including most of the moons. He is completely fixated on learning about our solar system, and when he watches TV, it’s usually documentaries on YouTube. 

Elite Dangerous is a game for him and anyone else who grew up looking up the stars, watching Star Trek or some variation thereof with their parents, who dreamed of being an astronaut and who wanted a telescope instead of a baseball bat for their birthday. I fall squarely within that category; I grew up on games like Star Control 2, the Wing Commander series, and Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri. I watched Star Trek: The Next Generation with my dad, and dreamed of what could be out there in the endless cosmos waiting to be discovered.

Elite Dangerous fulfills the fantasy of taking flight in a galaxy of seemingly endless discovery, with all the thrilling fun that comes along with staring at star maps, keeping an eye on fuel levels, and comparing the price of commodities from system to system. If any of that sounds dull to you, here’s the good news; you probably already have your answer concerning whether or not you should play Elite Dangerous. And if you have been waiting for the PlayStation 4 release but were concerned about how it would translate from the PC, this port will not disappoint you.

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