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Review: Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

August 06, 2020 1 min read

Launch-day disconnects aside, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout turned out so much better than I expected.

The premise – a cartoonish 60-player competition made up of semi-randomly selected obstacle courses, bumbling team games, and stressful survival challenges – is fantastic. The whole vibe is silly and charming, especially once you learn to accept that luck can play a significant role and that's okay.

Fall Guys is a video game rendition of Takeshi's Castle (Most Extreme Elimination Challenge) and it rules.

I thought I'd burn out, but after a hundred-plus rounds in the live game (to say nothing of several hours spent with the beta), I'm still in it to win it. It's hard to break out of the perpetual cycle of re-queuing.

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