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Review: Far Cry 5: Lost on Mars

July 16, 2018 1 min read

A trip to Mars to fight alien scum seems like as good an excuse as any to revisit Far Cry 5.

Despite the main game's story issues and its propensity to rip you out of open-world hijinks for the sole purpose of hearing monologues from the Seed Family up close, I dug it. I dug Montana as a setting way more than I ever thought I would. Some people show up for every Assassin's Creedgame, but not me; Far Cryis my weakness. I'm compelled to check off every task in these ridiculous sandbox action games.

The self-contained campaign Lost on Marsis the second of three DLC packs planned for Far Cry 5, and compared to last month's Hours of Darkness and next month's Dead Living Zombies, it has the most immediately appealing premise. Playing as pilot Nick Rye, you'll team up with an AI presence and the series' longstanding crude dude Hurk to prevent an invasion of alien crabs. Or something like that.

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