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Review: Final Fantasy IX

October 05, 2017 1 min read

Final Fantasy is a series that shaped my taste in games in an astounding way growing up. Believe it or not, young Rich wasn't exactly a social butterfly. Once I made it to high school I would carve out my own group of friends with similar interests, but when I was younger, 60-hour Japanese role-playing games are how I spent the bulk of my free time.

I really found this love of Final Fantasy and JRPGs in general on the original PlayStation. I had a SNES and an N64 but they were in the family room. My sister and even my parents would enjoy playing games on those, but the PlayStation was mine, the first console I got to keep in my room. Which led to a lot of all-night gaming sessions and being incredibly exhausted at school the next day.

In 2000, still a few years before I'd get my hands on a PlayStation 2, I begged my mother for a game called Final Fantasy IX. I had dabbled in other Final Fantasy games, mainly VI on the SNES, but this would be my first 3D Final Fantasy and the first one I'd complete. Final Fantasy is one of my favorite series as a whole, but Zidane and Vivi's adventure made me fall in love Final Fantasy and more importantly JRPGs in general.

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