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Review: Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition

February 21, 2018 1 min read

I still remember seeing the first teaser trailer for Final Fantasy Versus XIII 12 years ago. It was beautiful and captivating while also ripe for mockery with its emo-as-hell protagonist. 12 years ago that game was supposed to only be a few years away, but it wasn’t until a decade and a name change later we’d finally get our hands on it as Final Fantasy XV. 10 years is a long and no doubt expensive development cycle, so it’s no wonder Square Enix is trying to get the most out of this lush and lavish world it’s created.

Between the DLC, the movie, the VR fishing game, Brotherhood, A New Empire, and the rest of the mobile spin-offs, and the upcoming Royal Edition, Square Enix is milking this cow for all its worth. Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition is the latest product to emerge from those udders and is further proof Eos is a world worth exploring even if the journey isn’t nearly as exciting as it should be.

Review: Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition screenshot