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Review: FRAMED Collection

May 17, 2018 1 min read

While mobile gaming is still home to some creative and unique experiences, recent times have seen the platform become overcrowded with microtransaction-laden experiences. This has led to a lot of great titles getting lost in the void of the App and Google Play stores. To combat this, a lot of publishers and developers have been porting their games to PC and consoles to let their hard work shine for an entirely new audience. FRAMED is one such title, which released on iOS in 2014 to wide critical acclaim and is now being made available on PC and Switch.

Being based on touch controls, the game is a perfect candidate for the transition to PC and Switch due to each format’s input devices. As far as I’m concerned, nothing was lost in the transition. FRAMED and its sequel remain every bit as charming, creative and enjoyable as they were originally.

Review: FRAMED Collection screenshot