Review: Frogger in Toy Town

September 20, 2019 1 min read

One of the most appealing facets of Apple Arcade is the idea that I can try before I buy. I know a lot of games these days come with demos, but usually those are extremely limited in how much you'll be able to see of the final product. With an Apple Arcade subscription, there are no such limitations. So if a game initially launches here but is ported to one of my preferred platforms, I can get all the facts I need on my iPad before showing my support to the developers and buying it on my Switch or PS4.

That's why a game like Frogger in Toy TownΒ is the perfect Apple Arcade title. It's something I'd be hesitant to actually spend money on if it were coming to Switch instead of iOS. But with the new subscription service, I no longer have to hesitate because I can test it out from beginning to end. And because of that, I now know this game is something I should never buy if it comes to another platform.

Review: Frogger in Toy Town screenshot