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Review: Get Even

July 13, 2017 1 min read

Get Evenstarts with main protagonist Cole Black trying to save the life of a teenage girl named Grace. Black knows nothing about who he is or where he's at or even why he's trying to save her. Captors have taken her hostage and strapped a bomb to her. Black can't disarm the bomb. She's met with a terrible fate. She screams and the screen cuts to white in a disorienting way that video games reserve for concussive blasts.

Grace isn't the only hostage. The player too is a hostage, a slave to Get Even's intentionally misleading and unelaborated-upon ways. It's frustrating. The opening hours of Get Even play out like a greatest hits of video game amnesia clichés -- a parade of things we've seen before, all of them to a saturation where they aren't particularly interesting anymore. 

Somewhere along the line, all those negatives turn into positives. Try to pinpoint the exact moment the Stockholm Syndrome takes hold.

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