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Review: Giraffe and Annika

August 21, 2020 1 min read

As the gray hairs have slowly replaced the brown ones on my temples, I've become quite fond of shorter games. I don't mind diving into something meaty that takes me two weeks or more to complete, but with the color of my hair reminding me of how little sand I have left in the hourglass, I'm gravitating more and more toward bite-sized adventures.

But just because a game is short doesn't mean it can't be memorable. In fact, some of my favorite titles of the past few generations have been those I can complete in 10 hours or less. And while Giraffe and Annika doesn't quite measure up to those short adventures that came before it, its endless charm has me appreciating the experience anyway, warts and all.

Review: Giraffe and Annika screenshot