Review: Grindstone

September 25, 2019 1 min read

When a puzzle game's central mechanic is seared in your mind to the extent that it vividly flashes before you every time you close your eyes, you know you've overdone it. That's precisely where I'm at right now with Capybara's new puzzler Grindstone, out this month as one of Apple Arcade's debut titles.

Games like Critter Crunchand even Might & Magic: Clash of Heroesfeel like a short lifetime ago, but they still come up when folks aren't fixating on Sword & Sworcery, Super Time Force, and Below.

I fear that Grindstonemight be overshadowed both in the short-term, as players try to sift through Apple Arcade during its first month, and long-term, as Capy focuses its attention elsewhere but let this gorgeous game serve as a firm reminder: these puzzle-makers can absolutely still bring it.

Review: Grindstone screenshot