Review: Guildlings

November 14, 2019 1 min read

Guildlings is a game that just launched on Apple Arcade, and it’s got a whole lot going for it. Through a mixture of RPG, point-and-click, and visual novel mechanics, it tells the story of a young girl who gets her first phone. Only, it’s not actually a phone. It’s a tome, and it turns her into a total nerd who forms a guild and goes on quests and stuff!

Let’s back things up for a minute. Coda is a young girl who hasn’t seen her friends in years. She never had a phone, so the only way they could keep in touch was through crummy old letters. That all changed when she was gifted one from her sister, who neglected to inspect it for any viruses or curses beforehand. Next thing you know, Coda has already signed the Terms & Conditions, and now she’s trapped in a giant bubble until she forms a guild and completes one simple quest: save the entire world. That’s a really intimidating ask, so she decides to just help her sister go on a date instead.

This may all seem absurd and ridiculous, and that’s because it absolutely is. It’s also, surprisingly, adorable and effective as an impetus to get things going.

Review: Guildlings screenshot