Review: Hotel Sowls

July 30, 2020 1 min read

I am, admittedly, a sucker for unique art styles. Sure, I enjoy lush graphics, beautiful pixel art, or stylish cel-shading, but they don’t grab my attention in the same way as something that forges a path in a different direction. I get excited around the styles that Bernband, Burrito Galaxy, or even the simple papercraft worlds of Brendan Chung’s Citizen Abel games pull off. Heck, I’ll admit to being fascinated by Paper Mario.

That’s what drew me into Hotel Sowls. I was instantly charmed by its blobby, lo-fi art style. It’s something I haven’t really seen before in a video game. It seems to wear its personality on its sleeve. That’s only the start, though. Now it’s time to get it up on the autopsy table, peel back its skin, and see if there’s any of that personality seeped into the meat itself.

Review: Hotel Sowls screenshot