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Review in progress: Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

October 28, 2017 1 min read

Many years ago, as the struggles of college encased me in a constant state of anxiety, I would often daydream of leaving it all behind, throwing away my cell phone, and hitting the road in a VW bus. I found them parked along the streets of my college town, in all different colors, and each time I passed one while going for a walk it would lure me another inch towards that nomadic lifestyle, one free of all the worries and financial troubles of the modern day. I could feel the stress lifting off my shoulders every time I thought about it, but it was all just my imagination.

In reality, what I was doing was romanticizing poverty. The people who live out of their vans and venture across the country aren’t the soulful folk poets and sensitive writers I imagined them to be. As I read in Jessica Bruder’s Nomadland, many are struggling to get by, working odd jobs just to put food in their mouths and gas in their tank. Learning the realities of the nomad existence crushed my wayward dreams, but van life in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has those idealized impressions creeping into my mind once more.

Review in progress: Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp screenshot