Review in Progress: Code Vein

September 26, 2019 1 min read

If it wasn't obvious enough yet, it's worth saying right now: Code Vein is like Dark Souls. It's cliché to try to compare From Software's landmark series to anything these days, but the shoe fits in this case. It fits so well one might think Bandai Namco had this game developed out of desperation to fill a Souls-shaped hole in its catalog.

In its defense, Code Veinhas never really tried to hide that fact. From the earliest previews to the most recent demos, it's even leaned into its reverence for the "SoulsBorne" structure, as if to signal to potential players that yes, it will try to capture that magic.

Which leaves us with the more pertinent question of whether it succeeds in its ambition. I'm not quite done with the game yet, but so far, I've had quite a good time mainlining it.

Review in Progress: Code Vein screenshot