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Review in Progress: Darkwood

August 16, 2017 1 min read

Darkwood is a game of gnarled roots and things that go bump in the night. Savages and mutated creatures hide just out of view, obscured by the heavy shadows cast from thick foliage and impossibly high trees. The forest looms overhead. It's a natural enemy of sorts, an endless and oppressive force that plays host to a collection of monsters and macabre sites. Under the canopy of an ever-growing forest, Darkwood forces players to confront the unknown. 

It's fitting that developer Acid Wizard Studio describes Darkwood as "a new perspective on survival horror." The game takes a different approach than other entries in the genre, opting for a top-down perspective with a view cone that represents what's immediately in front of you. Everything else is desaturated and obscured, meaning that you're never really safe from the things that hide in the woods unless you're constantly scanning every possible direction.

And even then, it's rare that anyone will come out of Darkwood unscathed. 

Review in Progress: Darkwood screenshot