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Review in Progress: Expeditions: Viking

April 27, 2017 1 min read

Your father is dead, pretty much everyone wants your territory, and your only allies are in the mysterious lands across the seas. You're forced to kill your cousins at your father's remembrance for their impudence, and forgiving their uncle for his ignorance will damn you in the eyes of your people. Expeditions: Viking developer Logic Artists wastes no time in emphasizing that your normal fantasy-style RPG morality need not apply here. Certainly, there is a peaceful route to be had, but the time period – and Vikings as a whole – are not known in popular culture for their peaceful and loving ways, and one may need to be cruel to be kind.

Unfortunately, a vast array of (hopefully soon resolved) pre-release bugs and an endless stream of patches has prevented me from finishing my journey of conquest (or β€œtrade”) before its release, but there's still plenty to talk about this sequel (and precursor) toExpeditions: Conquistador.

Review in Progress: Expeditions: Viking screenshot