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Review in Progress: Need for Speed Payback

November 08, 2017 1 min read

Growing up, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit2 and Need for Speed: Underground 2were easily some of my favorite arcade racing games, and Underground 2 specifically has become a fan favorite of the series for many. Since then, I've gone back to revist these games with each new entry in the series, as sadly, the seventh generation of hardware wasn't very noteworthy for the franchise.

But in 2015, we would witness the reboot of the series simply named Need for Speed --from developer Ghost Games. With a welcomed return to focus on tuning cars, street racing, a large urban open world, and all the while looking gorgeous to boot (despite the weird, boring live-action cutscenes and other notable issues),Need for Speedshowed some promise. It could still easily have been expanded upon.

However,Need for Speed Payback comes off feeling like one step ahead and half a dozen steps back, followed up with tumbling down a flight of stairs.

Review in Progress: Need for Speed Payback screenshot