Review in Progress: Predator: Hunting Grounds

April 25, 2020 1 min read

A few early hours with Predator: Hunting Grounds confirms that yeah, this 4v1 format is fun.

The new PlayStation 4 and PC multiplayer title from Friday the 13th: The Game creator IllFonic pits four soldier players against AI-powered guerrillas and one lone Predator in a lush, frantic, paranoid jungle.

The idea of leaping from tree to tree as the Predator – partially cloaked, thermal vision enabled, shoulder-mounted cannon ready to go – pretty much sells itself as a video game power fantasy. It's great. I'm sure most of you don't need a review (much less a review-in-progress) to tell you that.

But surprisingly, I've enjoyed being on the human fireteam almost as much. There's safety in numbers. In fact, for as deadly as the alien warrior can be up-close, I'm often more nervous playing as the big lug. The pressure to not botch your 15 minutes of fame in front of total strangers is real, and it's tense.

Review in Progress: Predator: Hunting Grounds screenshot