Review in Progress: Star Wars Battlefront II

November 15, 2017 1 min read

Star Wars Battlefront IIhas left me scatterbrained.

It's simultaneously the game I wish we would've gotten from DICE last time around and also a worst-case scenario with its far-reaching, impossible-to-ignore loot boxes and progression system.

I've had a few co-workers ask me how Battlefront II is going so far. My immediate reaction is to spout off a range of thoughts, touching on the middling campaign and its overuse of cameos, the much-refined space combat and hero vs. villain modes, and the dreadfully slow pace of unlocks, among other stray observations. I just can't seem to give them a quick, concise take. That's partially because I need to spend more time with the multiplayer, but it's also because this game is all over the place.

Review in Progress: Star Wars Battlefront II screenshot