Review in Progress: Terminator: Resistance

November 14, 2019 1 min read

Ever since Bethesda's MS-DOS effort way back in 1990, Terminator is a franchise that has been revisited time and again by various developers across almost every gaming generation. With its exciting, time-jumping storyline, futuristic weaponry and vehicles, explosive action, and suspenseful sci-fi overtones, the Terminator universe seems custom made for great video game releases.

Despite this, Terminator is a franchise that has often struggled with quality. While theworld and its characters such as Sarah and John Connor, as well as big Arnie himself have made repeated appearances in gaming over the past few decades, developers have often struggled to truly nail the franchise's full potential though they have come exceptionally close on a number of occasions.

This time, it's the turn of Polish studio Teyon to take a crack at the iconic franchise with their new first-person shooter/RPG Terminator: Resistance. Easily the studio's biggest release to date (their last major title was Rambo - The Video Game), I took to the front line of the Future War for a few hours, to see whether Teyon's title is looking to be a T-1000, or just a rubber-skinned remnant of the 600 series.

Review in Progress: Terminator: Resistance screenshot