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Review: Instant Family

November 16, 2018 1 min read

I honestly got stuck with Instantly Familyto review. Sometimes as EIC you gotta take a bullet for the team and let someone else review the big Harry Potter film (review coming later) or whatever. I was all set to take the sappy, melodramatic, crass-comedy bullet of low quality that Instant Family looked to be. All set to roll my eyes as I boldly stepped in front of this oncoming projectile for the sake of the Flixist staff.

Funny thing, I dodged the bullet and got a hug instead. Not some cheesy, pat-you-on-the-back, perfunctory hug from a relative you barely know. Not the overly dramatic hug of someone who is way more into seeing you than you are into seeing them. Not the hug of an obnoxious uncle, who tells you a fart joke the second he's got you trapped in his arms. But a real hug. The kind that makes you feel like home just wrapped its arms around you while telling you an inside joke that makes you laugh and cry at the same time.

Maybe I'm waxing too poetical here, but man, it felt nice.

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