Review: Ion Fury

August 14, 2019 1 min read

The retro FPS renaissance is in full swing as of late last year. With the release of DUSK, fans of labyrinthine designs and key hunting were treated to an evolution of a classic formula that paid homage to and improved upon its inspirations in nearly every manner. Amid Evil, released earlier this year, did much the same, just with a smattering of some fantastically original ideas to shake things up. It's been a good time to be a fan of '90s shooters.

Now, after a year of teasing and hype building, Ion Fury is upon us. Much like those aforementioned shooters, Ion Fury takes us back to the past when shooters weren't about walking down similar hallways and shooting hit-scanning enemies in samey environments. This is all about exploring lavishly detailed levels, collecting a huge arsenal of larger-than-life weapons, and kicking some ass. The one twist is that this is built on the same technology that powered those '90s games, lending it another layer of authenticity.

That extra step is appreciated because Ion Fury certainly looks and feels like something that could have released before the turn of the century.

Review: Ion Fury screenshot